A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Block Universe is a 2D Multiplayer Platformer Sandbox game: Your universe is your imagination.

Build with friends, meet new people, make friends, chat, buy new items in the store, customize your cubie, make new universes, script your own universes; build upon your imagination!

The game features an amazing gameplay, smoothly performing and enjoyable, alongside a long list of features.

How the game works

You can play as a guest or register your own account. You don't need to use a real email, but it's recommended that you do, because if you ever lose or forget your password, you will need a real email to reset the password.

The character is called a Cubie and you can build your universes with Blocks. You can also script your universes, in Lua.

Using the Shop you can buy new blocks, cubie outfits, new cubie customization items or even more and new universes!

(Development begun on December 2017)

Install instructions

Make sure you're downloading the proper version of the game! x32 will work for x64 but will be extremely laggy and possibly crash.

When download is finished, extract the zip file's contents and run the game!


Block Universe (x64 and x32) 16 MB